telecomunicazioniThe entrepreneurial adventure Microlab comes from telecommunications.

In the early 80s our company was already a leading player in the technology related to the analog modem.

Along the way Microlab has handled many projects in TLC, thanks to these technologies and devices for industrial and consumer applications: many of the BBS era were equipped with our modems.

Years later we can say that we lived by “pioneers” of the evolution of the telecommunications industry, observed and followed the changes from analogue lines, ISDN up to DSL technologies.

We have thus developed a very high know-how in the field of protocols: from ITU ones up to the IP, now among the most widely distributed and used. The gradually accumulated experience has also allowed us to develop and certify an ISDN stack.
But our journey has not stopped next to this milestone.

Microlab has developed numerous products both terminal side (analog modem / ISDN / DSL, Terminal Adapter, NTI, Phones Crypto) and Central Office side (Line Card, for legal eavesdropping apparatus, etc..) and Systems (Service Node, traffic generators, etc. .)

Still we continue to operate in the TLC sector, paying close attention to technological and business evolutions at national and international level.