The Microlab experience comes from afar.

In the early eighties Microlab was one of the few Italian companies to design and produce Analog Modem: in those years, the only possibility of access to databases was through classical telephone line.

Microlab developed before a series of voice band modems for switched line, then for dedicated line, and finally also in base band.

Many of the early BBS had in their Rack our modem.

Then they came a series of products for the industrial market and for special applications.

Along with a particular choice of components and assembly solutions, various techniques were used: the automatic assembly, wave soldering, very strict testing procedures that ensured exceptional reliability to the equipments.

These technical and operational choices allowed usĀ  to provide a full guarantee of 24 months, making Microlab a precursor of the current terms of European warranty.

Thanks to these characteristics even today we supply modems, especially for industrial applications that take advantage of existing infrastructure.

The catalog consists of several products in various categories, with features that include all standards from ITU V.21 to V.92, with MNP 4/5/10 and V.42/V.42bis compression and data correction protocols, set of Hayes and V.25bis commands, and Fax protocol.