Internet of things

Internet delle coseThe evolution of the Internet is constant and requires the company continued pursuit of innovation, to make this a planning level and business trends.

Forecasts of experts say that the Internet of things will change our way of life substantially in the coming years.

Microlab with his research and development team, study and apply the extension of the network in the domains of objects and physical locations.

The ability to create infrastructure, to integrate and communicate technological devices, people and places through the exchange of data and information, is a great opportunity for a number of application areas and operational areas.

Thanks to our know-how (the result of a 35 years activity), and framework developed for the Internet of things, today we operate in many areas:

• Wireless networks and sensors;
• Surveillance;
• Telematics;
• Telemetry;
• embedded systems;
• Industrial Monitoring;
• Automotive industry;
• Robotics;
• Smart City.

Microlab is also open to consider projects related to the Internet of things, as a partner or supplier with special skills in hardware and software and with its own human resources.