Microlab has always been involved in various types of partnerships.

Sometimes the collaboration began as a normal customer/supplier relationship, due to a technical request from the Customer.
On other occasions the collaborations were born thanks to the enormous amount of connections established over decades.

Today our experience on an international scale allows us to assume a role of marketing support, against companies that want to internationalize their business as in the case of Eurosis Consulting, a Turkish company which operates in Turkey and in neighboring countries, as well the Middle and Far East.
i2p_B-copia-2 eurosis

Microlab also believes in the possibility to internationalize and publicize the creative spirit and innovative Italian: in more than thirty years of activity we have gained a distinctive know-how in the fields of electronics and information technology, and that we can make known to the partner companies.
From a technical point of view, Microlab is proud to partner with:

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