internazionalizzazioneThe mix of Technical, Managerial and Consultancy expertises allow Microlab to support Customers in their internationalization operations.

Starting involving our historical partners but successively widening the horizon, we even are involved in a business activity dealing with internationalization.

We operate searching for business opportunities in Turkey and bordering countries, Central and South America, Sub-Saharian Africa, Eastern Europa, China and Iran.

That due to partnership with local Companies allowing us to:

  • Find local partner as Distributors, Sales Representatives, and for Maintenance and Installation services;
  • Find Investors;
  • Support establishing Business Alliances and Joint-Ventures;
  • Support Companies to partecipate to Governative Tenders;
  • Support to open Liason Offices, Branches or Factories;
  • Support to Subscription, Monitoring and Participation to UN and World Bank Contracts.